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Workstation matting

Workplace mats – safer, more comfortable, more productive at work

Workplace matting is a practical investment, as its use protects employees and makes working on the premises safer, more comfortable and more productive. Ergonomics is an important topic which usually plays a key role when purchasing floor matting. Workplace matting made of soft and thick material is particularly suitable for a variety of standing workstations. Physical strain on the spine, the legs and feet is reduced greatly when employees are no longer standing on hard concrete, but rather soft ergonomic mats. Ergonomic workstation matting therefore reduces sick days and thereby increases productivity. If the matting is exposed to higher loads, we recommend models with harder PVC surfaces. Hardwearing and thin workplace matting, as well as plastic floor tiles, are all available. You will find workplace matting suitable for the place you will be using it in the webshop. A profile on these mats prevents slips by employees who are walking around, while perforated mats can also score points with a practical drainage effect. If chemicals and oils are used at the workplace, then chemical-resistant workplace matting should be used. Models suitable for welding workplaces can also be found in our product range. Whether ergonomics, chemical resistance or suitability for welding, with the aid of our floor matting guide system you are guaranteed to find the right product for your requirements.

Workplace matting by the meter

You can purchase workplace matting with fixed dimensions in our webshop, which makes it particularly suitable for configuring workstations, such as the area to stand in behind a machine or the sales counter. Floor matting by the meter is, however, a product that you can lay throughout the entire company. The workstation matting can also be ordered online by the meter. Our webshop also has mats with a conductive function, wet room matting, entrance matting and mats for cleanrooms and controlled rooms. If aggressive liquids and chemicals are used in your rooms, then we recommend informing yourself about whether this matting is resistant to the chemicals used in your company BEFORE buying your new workstation matting. If you have any questions about this topic, our advisory team will be happy to help you.
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