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Assembly trolleys

Assembly trolleys – keeping all tools at your fingertips

Intelligently designed assembly trolleys allow you to save time by optimising work flows. In workshop operations in particular, the easy to manoeuvre trolleys are important items of transport equipment and an essential element of company equipment. As a rule, an assembly trolley is made of a welded steel structure, using tubular steel or steel profile, with several storage options provided. The shelves are made of plastic, sheet steel or mesh patterned plates, depending on where they are used, and assembly trolleys made of stainless steel are often used in the laboratory or in service. The term ''assembly trolley'' has become established for these extremely sturdy trolleys, which are frequently used for industrial applications and are characterised by different sizes and loading capacities of up to 1 tonne. Due to the large range of models and designs, for example with drawers and/or add-on drawer units, or with modular add-ons for perforated panel systems and open fronted storage bins, there is an assembly trolley suitable for providing support and optimising work flows for every process being performed.

Assembly trolleys for more freedom of movement and flexibility

The range of assembly trolleys to choose from in our online shop is this large because every work process makes different demands of equipment. A lack of mobility is an often encountered shortcoming that can be easily eliminated using the right kind of platform trolley. As different as the models in the product range are, they all have one thing in common: high quality wheels ensure easy manoeuvrability and high flexibility. The integrated wheel stops ensure occupational safety standards are satisfied. This applies regardless of whether the trolley is being used as a mobile workbench or as a table trolley. The closed and lockable assembly trolleys are particularly recommended for workbench use, also ensuring that valuable tools are always securely stored. Additional features in a number of models, such as adjustable panel heights or drawers and cupboards, allow an exact adaptation to needs and requirements. Which assembly trolley is ideally suited can, for example, be determined using a check list in which the most important, personal criteria can be recorded.
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