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Castors for pallet trucks

Good things come in small packages

Castors for pallet trucks are a lot like ants. On average, an ant weighs ten milligrams, but is able to carry thirty to fifty times its own body weight. Our pallet truck castors can do even better: many of them weigh less than one kilo and yet can withstand a load of up to 800 kg. And we're talking about one single fork roller. When in constant use at a company, all pallet truck rollers together are moving several tonnes. Making the swivel castors and fork rollers for pallet trucks out of polyurethane and nylon makes this possible. These types of plastic have the best properties to transport heavy loads over an extended period of time. At the same time, they are smooth running and quiet. The dimensions of the rollers for your pallet trucks are, incidentally, important information for your order: Don't just note how much weight a roller can carry, but also make a note of the axle diameter and the installation length of the roller. And if you have any questions, then give us a call or fill in our query form.
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