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Wheels and castors

A well-rounded affair

Choosing the right wheels and castors is more complicated that you might think. The diameter of the castors, the type of fitting and load bearing capacity are just three of ten different characteristics that you need to know before purchasing, and which you need to factor in to your choice. And this is true for all of them: swivel castors and fixed castors, wheels for pallet trucks, pneumatic tyres and furniture castors. More questions that you need to ask: Are the wheel fittings that you have chosen suitable for the place of use or for what needs to be transported? Will the function of the wheels be impaired by extreme temperatures or a reaction to chemicals? In this case, the material is often decisive. Solid rubber standard tyres protect floors, while cast wheels are hardwearing and won't wear down quickly. When looking for the right wheels and castors, you can filter your choice by the aforementioned characteristics. More details can be found in our purchasing guide.
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