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Waste and disposal

Waste and disposal – systematic orderliness

The collection of waste and disposal in suitable containers makes it easier to maintain cleanliness in industrial facilities, workshops and offices, as well as in inner courtyards, smoking areas and common rooms. Any remaining rubbish left on the lawn, factory floor or walkways can be conveniently collected with a litter grabber (collection devices). In our online shop you will find collection containers, including a diverse selection of waste bins: Our offering includes everything from 35 litre waste bin systems made of sheet steel, to mobile waste caddies and large waste bins with gravity locks, even large waste containers with capacities of over 1000 litres. 10 litre waste sacks for biodegradable waste, practical waste sack holders, heavy duty sacks and much more – the product assortment in the waste and disposal category includes everything from small sanitary bags to robust and large waste sacks.

Waste and disposal: ashtrays, combination ashtrays and universal containers

Ashtrays are functional and can also be attractive with an elegant design. Compare pedestal ashtrays with high quality wall ashtrays, made of aluminium, sheet steel, special plastic or stainless steel. Combination waste collectors and combination ashtrays are practical – we offer them in different colours and sizes, for free standing placement or for anchoring or fixing to the floor. Universal containers are for waste management in general and the disposal of every type of rubbish. Absolutely leakproof and fire-extinguishing with lid in place, these TÜV/GS-tested waste collectors are ideal for professional use. For the collection and disposal of waste, waste collectors are ideal for convenient sorting of waste at one location. From compact models for the office, to large waste collector sorting systems with four compartments and large recyclable waste collectors, you will find what you are looking for in our online shop. The exclusive products in the waste and disposal section offer both functionality and quality.
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