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Transport equipment

Transport devices – a wide range of trolleys for the office and warehouse

Our transport devices create flexibility and mobility in your company. The comprehensive assortment offers optimum solutions for every application, in modern offices, as well as for the transport of heavy loads in warehouses. Trailers for loads of two to 50 tonnes are available with a variety of platform coverings. Additions and attachments are possible, the heavy goods trailers are made to order within the constraints of their respective individual technical characteristics. These transport devices are also particularly versatile, as they have a removable drawbar and an extremely small turning radius. For lighter loads such as furniture, dollies and transport dollies, with and without handles, are the right choice. Hydraulic furniture movers can also be found here in the shop. There is a large selection of practical transport equipment in our assortment for the handling and transport of drums and gas cylinders. From drum tilting clamps to tilting canister stands, the selection is huge. Optimum conveyor systems ensure the process of moving products runs smoothly. In the online shop you will find complete skate wheel conveyors with steel frame, along with replacement parts such as a single ball unit.

Practical transport equipment for flexible use

Office trolleys and mail distribution trolleys enable the quick distribution of important documents to all of the different departments. If more items are to be transported, shelf trucks and shelf trolleys can also be used for transport. Use serving trolleys and table trolleys to bring the coffee to meetings. If heavy objects in the office must be moved, platform trucks are suitable for transporting them. Transport trucks are light transport devices for the simple distribution of heavy goods in smaller spaces. They can also cross over steps. Nothing can stop them! In our online shop, you will find transport devices for every application. If a lot of tools have moved around from place to place, tool trolleys on castors are suitable transport devices. From letters to extremely heavy safes, all sorts of things can be safely and comfortably transported with our high quality trolleys. If you happen to need a custom made version of a product, contact our expert advisors. Otherwise, simply browse through our offering and order the devices which are suitable for your requirements.
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