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Warehouse furnishings for efficient order picking and storage of inventory

Well planned and sensibly configured warehouse furnishings are the core of every warehouse. Work in a warehouse can only be conducted efficiently when it is always clear which products are available, what the stock level is and where they are located. Our high quality and well designed solutions for furnishing your warehouse help you to bring order to your warehouse. Whether it be mesh pallets, tilting skips and hinged bottom skips, transport boxes, Euro size containers or folding boxes, drums, tanks and sump trays for liquids as well as IBC containers – in our online shop you will definitely find suitable containers for every application. Our assortment includes the most important basic components for all standard types of warehouse furnishings. Stacking boxes as well as open fronted storage bins and shelving bins maximise every inch of available storage space. Open fronted storage bins can be stacked on top of each other up to great heights, yet still allow direct access to the contents. On the other hand, pallets are the standard solution for the storage of very large products or boxes. Due to their standard size and shape, they fit in many standard shelving systems. Pallets are available in wood, plastic, aluminium or steel.

Warehouse furnishings for special requirements

Not every warehouse is designed and constructed in the same way. If you need solutions for special requirements, our online shop is the right place to find them. Mesh pallets are made of metal and are extremely robust and durable. Even particularly heavy goods can be stored and stacked in this common warehouse furnishing. Bulky items can be stored in our large containers. For bulk materials, you can revert to our tilting skips, hinged bottom skips and silo containers. Cases and transport boxes are the right choice for the organised storage of small parts and tools kept in service vehicles. Shelving systems suitable for your requirements are of course also essential warehouse furnishings for efficient and logical storage. In case you are still not sure which warehouse furnishings are the right choice for your company, please contact our service advisors. They can be reached by phone or e-mail to answer questions and provide individual advice for your specific requirements.
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