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Prefab rooms

Prefab offices: Functionally designed to create additional work space

Our prefab offices offer a solution for optimising your existing usable space. In our online shop we offer universal solutions – quick, practical, economical and effective. The prefab offices are integrated with existing spaces according to individual requirements. Our service advisors can answer your questions and would be happy to provide helpful advice. Platforms in different colours are manufactured from hot rolled steel with a high quality powder coating. Standard P4 chipboard panels are often used, with tongue and groove for quick and easy installation. Future relocation to another area is possible due to the bolted construction, which enables the flexible creation of new work, storage and office spaces; modular expansion is possible. Material containers and storage containers are prefab rooms with the versatility for use according to individual requirements. They are available in different widths, heights and depths. Strip curtains offer a practical means of partitioning spaces without having to constantly open and close doors. Made of transparent plastic with rounded edges, the curtains are safe. They are mounted on hook strips. A slide mechanism with rollers makes it easy to open them quickly. The strip curtains protect against draughts and noise, whilst saving energy at the same time.

Prefab offices for protection and for the expansion of office space

Multi-purpose buildings and prefab offices are extremely practical and are available as free-standing models or as additions for use on existing walls. Here in the shop you will find prefab offices optionally with glass walls or solid walls and with single or double doors. Sound is effectively blocked with an insulation board, assembly is quick and easy. The modular construction of the prefab offices makes them ideal for a multitude of applications: as a break room, factory office or inspection room. Partitions can also be used here as an alternative. Our office partition system can be used to create new office spaces, etc. Protect machinery on all sides – the protective fencing in our assortment is the ideal solution. A protective fencing system encloses machines and systems, the mesh size prevents people from reaching through. Flexible expansion is possible at any time, and the assembly of protective fencing and uprights is uncomplicated. An add-on door kit is optionally available in different heights.
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