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Taking the strain out of strapping: tensioning devices and sealing devices

Tensioning and sealing the strapping, it can't be that difficult, can it? It certainly isn't when you've decided on ''your'' strapping device. We have tensioning devices and sealing devices for every type of strapping and for a diverse range of goods for shipping. A combination of tensioner and pliers is a simple and inexpensive solution for manual strapping. While this usually suffices for those who only strap goods occasionally, when it comes to frequent strapping, fully automatic combination products and strapping machines tend to be more useful. These practical combination tools can tension, seal and cut in one single work step and – being electrically operated – can be operated with one hand. But handling isn't the only key criterion: to seal packages permanently and securely, strapping, seals and the tensioning device and sealing device must be perfectly harmonised with each other.
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