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Stretch films

Stretch film for shipping and transport

Stretch film is a practical accessory when packaging and shipping items. It is extremely elastic, self adhesive and available as a non-transparent or transparent version. We deliver the stretch film to you in different dimensions, up to 1250 mm in width and up to 100 meters in length. The areas of use for stretch film are variable. Our handy and compact mini roll sets with a plastic dispenser and 12 rolls of film, for example, is outstandingly suited for sealing small boxes or for affixing accessory parts. Bundling pipes, boards, cables or hoses is also easy to complete with this type of stretch film without any great exertion. This allows pre-stretching in order to prevent the roll from shortening. This ensures the full film width can be used, and stretching is easy to carry out. Stretch film on large webs, in contrast, holds several packages together on a Euro pallet, and prevents the goods from slipping or falling down, even if shaken during transport.

Bubble wrap for protecting sent goods

We also have two-ply bubble wrap film in a perforated and large bubble version in our online shop. Handy tear-off sheets make perforation easy – you won't need scissors. This film provides protection for bulky and heavy goods, such as electronics and furniture. Cavities that are larger in size can also be filled with it. All in all, bubble wrap is an optimal protective cushion and contributes to insulation from breakage, heat and moisture. All our packaging films are optimally suited for sending or transporting your products safety in cardboard boxes. If you have questions, make the most of our competent planning and advice. Our service team will be happy to hear from you.
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