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Strapping tapes

Keep goods both light and heavy safely packaged with strapping

Maintain the tension – strapping is a small, but important, part of packaging, because these sealing tapes secure packages and hold them together. They secure them for transport and storage, and also protect them against be opened by persons they are not intended for. The principle of strapping is always the same: the strapping is placed around the load, tightened and sealed. The strapping? We can call them straps as well; whatever the case, different strapping is required depending on the type, size and weight of the cargo, the type of strapping jobs and other relevant factors such as weather resistance. To keep the goods even safer from being damaged, additional edge protectors are also recommended. The preshaped profiles made of cardboard, plastic or metal protect the edges from damage cause by strap tension.

The right strapping for every application

PP straps are the classic among the different types of strapping. This is because the straps are temperature resistant, elastic while also being extremely tear resistant, and offering a good price-performance ratio. They are primarily used to seal packages, reinforce them and bundle them, or to secure lightweight pallet goods. The PET strap is very light, elastic and yet extremely strong. This makes it suitable for strapping medium weight to heavy packages and allows it to compensate a loss of tension should the package contract. Composite straps are the all-round straps even for heavy goods. Its high strength and pronounced elasticity makes it optimal for bulky packages. High quality plastic or composite strapping meets, in principle, all requirements when strapping goods for transport, both small and large. However, in some cases, steel strapping is essential. These include very high temperatures and weights, as well as sharp edged goods. This is where the benefits of steel strapping – little expansion and high tensile strength – come into play.

By the way, dispensing trolleys for the different types of strapping can be found here too. The straps are wound onto the dispenser, and exactly the length required can be unwound straightforwardly.
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