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Tackers and staplers – what you need to know.

A tacker is just a tacker and a stapler is just a stapler? As if! If you like, then join us on a short crash course in matters of packaging science presented in the following. Or to be more exact, the science of tackers and staplers. So, let's start with something that won't come as a surprise: you'll find we have both inexpensive, rather simple tackers and staplers for everyday use, as well as versions which have a higher price, but which are suitable for professional use. The difference is always found in the detail: basic models, such as a staple gun or plier staplers can always be operated manually, and different versions are available for all sorts of different materials, such as paperboard, paper, fabric, rubber or plastic. When making your selection, always pay attention to key basic criteria such as open vs. closed stapling, leg lengths, maximum material thickness or loading capacity.

From a simple staple gun to pneumatic cardboard plier staplers.

Are you looking to mount insulation panelling or floorboards? Are you looking for a stapler especially for sealing filled folding boxes? Or do you work in an office, and need to staple together piles of paper more than 50 sheets thick any number of times a day? Then you'll definitely need one of our professional devices. Pneumatic tackers and staplers, for example, operate using compressed air, meaning you do not need you exert yourself physically. Simply press the trigger, and the rest happens automatically. Our electronic table staplers are also happy to do the work for you, and are particularly worthwhile when stapling and binding needs to be done several times a day – you'll soon notice the difference a device like this makes to your everyday work. And if you don't find what you are looking for here after all, then there's certain to be something suitable for you among all our other packaging products.
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