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Ties that stand the test of time: finding the right seals

Seals ensure that the ends of the strap are firmly joined together – and are therefore a small, but very much a decisive, component of secure strapping. They must not slip around or damage the strap. This is why it is essential to make sure that the seals and the strapping are perfectly matched. You will find a large range of seals in our range of products: for steel and plastic strapping, extra flat for composite strapping, buckle fasteners for plastic strapping and phosphate coated metal clamps that feature a roughened surface to provide particular advantages when using woven strapping. Have you found the right seal? Then we can also provide you with the right tensioning and sealing devices to use with the seals, in order to tension the strap and secure the seal. Sealed, fixed – and ready for shipment!
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10 items found
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