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Film sealing devices

Welcome to the world of film sealing devices.

These days, everything seems to be so complicated! Whether a smartphone or a TV, without a 500-page operating manual, nothing seems to work. But don't worry, film sealing devices won't present you with problems like this... and yet these useful devices, which allow you to cut and seal film pouches and shrink films, are sophisticated enough that you should take time to consider a few things before making a purchase. With pedal operation – with a time limit switch – with a dispenser – with an additional support plate... please take a close look at our models and in each and every case, check which functions you really need, and which ones you don't. From straightforward entry level models to professional devices for mass production, we have a large range of products on offer.

The seal – the key to your new film sealing device.

If there's anything you explicitly need to pay attention to when selecting your new film sealing device, then it's the length of the seal. Take some time to consider which packaging units you'll be using most, and then put some thought into the length and width, and don't forget to make sure which film thickness the film sealing device is designed for. And should this be too complicated – no problem, simply contact us – we're happy to give you detailed advice about our film sealing devices and, of course, about the rest of our range of packaging products.
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