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Film cutters and safety knives

Fast, faster, film cutter.

Every child is familiar with it, and no doubt you are too: the feeling when you've just been given a gift – and the packaging just won't open! Impatiently tearing, pulling, pressing... until it finally gives way. You might be asking yourself what that has to do with film cutters. Well, the excitement and anticipation probably isn't that overwhelming when you're at work and you need to open up packaged goods – but you will want to open them quickly, after all, every minute usually counts in the incoming goods area or at the packing tables. Just as well that you'll find a selection of film cutters here, ones which we know will do their job properly – quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Finding the right film cutters in just four steps.

And what are all the things you need to observe when selecting your new film cutter? There's not that much. Step 1: You'll need to inform yourself about which packaging material the film cutter is suitable for, be it stretch film, bubble wrap film, shrink wrap film or strapping or corrugated cardboard roll. Step 2: Check the specifications for the individual models about the width of the blade and consider which solution is best for your everyday work. Step 3: Take a look at the number of items in the pack. Film cutters are invariably needed all the time and all over the place in the warehouse, which is why you should always have plenty of these cutter knives in stock. It's better to have one too many than one too few! And, finally, step 4: The extras. Some film cutters are, for example, available with an extra ergonomic handle, some with extra sharp blades. And think of the future, too, because you can order suitable replacement blades at the same time for some products by clicking on ''Accessories''. So, that was that – now you can look for your new film cutter!
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