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Your check list for strapping: strapping, a tensioning and sealing device, any seals required and – to ensure packages and pallets remain undamaged and have no tears in the cardboard – edge protectors! Protecting corners and edges using linings is a small but important part of strapping. Because straps, and above all those made of steel, are usually hard and fit tightly. The edge and corner protection prevent these securely lashed straps from damaging the cardboard boxes, or causing excessive friction on the strap. A number of the small, practical products can do even more than just prevent damage, e.g. provide additional padding or stabilisation.

And because we don't know what you'll be packing and how you'll be packing it, we stock edge protectors and corner protection in all possible shapes and materials. This includes many products that are inherently adaptable: edge protection profiles made of polyurethane can be bent into shape to fit the package or pallet dimensions. Edge protection profile made of cardboard or PE foam can simply be cut to the right length. We also have surface protection suitable for goods for shipment which do not have corners, such as individual parts or rolled-up posters: the protective nets wrap around the products, regardless of their shape, and shield the sensitive surfaces reliably. If you're sending paper without it getting bent, then a tube is the ideal packaging solution.
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