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And keeps everything firmly in place.

It has to be tear resistant. And it needs to be indestructible. It needs to be highly adhesive. And all this for long periods. When you're ordering adhesive tape in large quantities, then you're likely to have all these expectations. We certainly do. We sometimes also leave a roll lying around for weeks and months on end, and still expect it to stick like it did the very first day. We also use a variety of packing materials to which the tape needs to stick reliably. And this is why we are providing a large range of adhesive tapes for you, and only ones which we consider to be the best. Not only do they satisfy the requirements listed at the top, but also come in all sorts of different models: in colour, transparent and in a set with an adhesive tape dispenser. Furthermore, you can purchase everything else you need for packaging and shipping here in the online shop.
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