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Markings and barriers

Markings and barriers: Always play it safe!

Markings are a critical aspect of safety in operational environments. Marking equipment and barriers offer a practical means of protection in particularly dangerous areas where there is also a flow of traffic. The product range in our online shop includes barriers for both temporary and permanent use. Markings for areas subject to special safety requirements, e.g. due to construction work, are available as practical barrier devices. These can be easily and conveniently implemented, and quickly removed when necessary. Different factors, such as potential for danger, frequency of traffic, type of vehicles driven in a particular location and other criteria have to be taken into account to determine which type of barrier is suitable for the situation. For optimum protection against collisions with lifting devices, a crash guard may be the best option, in areas around outdoor equipment, markings and speed ramps can be used. It may be necessary to consult your company safety officer before installing any type of barriers. Guidelines for proper conduct on the company premises should also be prominently displayed on colourfully marked display boards with company internal notices.

A large selection of markings and barriers for many applications

Given the wide range of markings and barrier equipment in our assortment, it is not always so easy to select the right product. For example, if lifting devices are being operated in traffic areas and it is difficult to get the drivers' attention, speed ramps are ideal as a clearly perceivable marking. Barrier posts, plug-in tape barriers or even cones can be used to mark specific areas and isolate them from traffic. In many cases, barriers and fencing also serve to protect pedestrians. Here modular barrier railing and safety railing can be used to provide a barrier and function as a warning marking at the same time. Barrier beams and access barriers are also an all-in-one marking and barrier solution. These offer an access control function as well. Depending on the model, access and the flow of traffic can be controlled. Barriers can sometimes also be required in indoor areas such as laboratories or offices. The different partition systems in our shop, which subdivide and zone offices and other large rooms, are particularly suitable for these applications. You can use floor marking systems to visibly delineate certain areas without barriers.
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