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Bollards and barrier posts

Barrier problem solved.

You don't want people without an authorisation parking in your parking spots? Then install a barrier post. You don't want cars scraping past the partitions in your underground car park? Then we'd recommend you use barrier posts for installation on the ceiling and ground, because the warning colour will then be at eye level. You don't want vehicles driving into pedestrian zones without braking? Then our city bollards are exactly the right thing for you. The barrier posts and bollards we have on offer are made either of steel or made of flexible plastic. When, for example, vehicles need to run over a barrier in the event of an emergency, then you're best fastening FlexPins. These polyethylene bollards bend over and righten again on their own once they have been driven over. By the way: if you wish to divide up entire traffic routes or work areas, then using a crash guard railing might be the best option.
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