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Mini lifters

Mini lifters – mobile lifting devices for ergonomic work

Mini lifters are compact, mobile lifting devices that quickly and safety lift, transport and deposit materials and goods. They take a load of employees when performing demanding lifting work, and only require a little space to manoeuvre. Mini lifters are not, however, synonymous with minimal loads: the most sturdy mini lifters move goods weighing up to 400 kg. Manoeuvrable, stable and easy to use – this is what makes mini lifters interesting for so many different areas of use, because these lifting aids can be used to fill machines, shelves and filling and conveyor systems ergonomically and efficiently.

The right mini lifter for every job

The choice of exactly the right mini lifter is based on the goods to be loaded, the application, and the load centre. In general, the mini lifters from POWELL can carry maximum loads between 65 kg and 150 kg, and come with a removable platform. Alternative load supports, such as spikes and crate forks, can be quickly converted without tools. Other compact lifters and the multi lifter for heavy goods and large lifting heights, as well as the very light mobile lift, which can also be folded together. The lifting devices with more straightforward equipment include the platform lift for heavier weights, and the material lifter with a fixed platform for lighter loads.
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