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Lifting equipment

Lifting devices and equipment for heavy loads

Lifting devices and equipment transform heavy goods into easy-to-load objects with sophisticated technology. Lift tables, with a max. load of up to 800 kg, ensure tasks can be conducted safely and reliably. Equipped with high quality tyres, rolling resistance is minimal despite a high load capacity. The hydraulic cylinder with safety valve prevent drops due to mechanical failure and enables precise, responsive lowering via pedal or rotary knob. The overload pressure valve provides protection against overloading. Alternatively, you will find lifting devices with electro-hydraulic lift and battery powered versions in our assortment. Stackers, pallet trucks and working platforms are ideal for mobile use. If heavy objects need to be moved from one location to another, lifting straps are the right choice. For such applications, a cable winch with stationary lifting magnet may also be required. Round sling suspension sets with a low weight and eyelet load hooks facilitate secure attachment and are distinguished by a long life cycle due to heavy duty components. If there are many obstacles on the floor, cranes with block and tackle or electric chain hoist also offer the required functionality. Equipped with castors, these lifting devices can be moved to different locations as needed. For lower weights of only a few kilograms, rope hoists can be used, balancer retrievers are a practical aid for production and assembly, as the tool being used is returned to its starting position after every working cycle.

Practical accessories for lifting devices and equipment

If machines have to be lifted, car jacks and machine jacks are the practical solution. The assortment in our online shop also includes high quality suction lifters for non-porous and smooth surfaces – ideal for holding, carrying and lifting heavy glass plates and similar materials. In order to ensure smooth and convenient transport with lifting devices along floors, particularly those of different heights, order our high quality bridge plates and loading ramps. Loading ramps with a max. load of over one tonne can be ordered in different lengths. For crossing over obstacles such as cables or small steps, the bridge plate with angled supports is the right accessory. The different items in the lifting devices and equipment category are helpful for transporting bulky and heavy objects and they make it possible to work safely on flooring with different levels. Lifting heavy weights and moving them vertically or horizontally can be done safely and comfortably. Get professional advice from our experts on the selection of lifting devices for your specific applications. With the right devices, you can simplify transport and ensure that working with heavy objects is safe for employees.
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