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Ball units and ball unit tables are important elements of conveyor technology. Conveyor technology systems provide a way of moving objects from A to B quickly in industry and production as well as in mail order businesses and transportation. Ball units are used as components of systems like this in order to reroute, rotate or add transported goods. And this is what it looks like in individual work areas: one production part is pushed forwards to a machine, suitcases at the airport are diverted to the right conveyor belt and packages in the distribution station are sorted by destination. Because ball units can rotate and turn in all directions, they are essential for rerouting and processing transported goods. When choosing your ball units you should, however, pay attention to the size, weight and the surface area of your transported goods. And to determine the load bearing capacity that the ball units require, the weight of your heaviest object for transport is divided by 3. Tip: make sure you have a buffer and add a few kilos to it.
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